What’s Your Sunscreen?

So its summer time again and needless to say, in the Bahamas it gets HOTT!!  I was reading an informative article today about staying healthy and the facts about sunscreen, but how do I know how much sunscreen or what SPF I will need when I go to the beach?

Especially in The Bahamas, sunscreen is a must

According to this article, I will need a sunscreen that will protect me from UVB and UVA rays. The UVB rays are responsible for sunburns and skin cancer and UVA rays cause the skin to age and cancer also. The number associated with SPF is the amount of time that the sunscreen will last before having to reapply.  For example, if you apply SPF 15 to your skin, multiply that number by 10 and that sunscreen will protect you for 150 minutes from the UVB rays, but not from the UVA rays. Therefore you must find a sunscreen that protects you from both; a bottle that is labelled ‘Spectrum’.

If your one of those persons like me that just looks around for a bottle sitting around that you’ve had for years  it’s probably not the best idea to use, especially if it’s been in a really hot place for a long time. This summer take the time to find a sunscreen that is ideal for your skin, but the first step is knowing how the sun affects your body. If you have a very fair complexion like myself, then its best to go with a higher SPF for maximum protection. Be prepared this summer, and protect yourself from the sun and its harmful rays.

Post By:
Tim Rodland, Estate Agent
Mario Carey Realty

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