Regatta Season in the Bahamas Continues..

Mario Carey Realty was well represented at the 45th Annual Long Island Regatta in early June as MCR sponsered one of the A- class boats based in Long Island, “Rupert’s Legend”!

Now its time to party down and watch the races in Abaco! The 37th Annual Abaco Regatta 2012 (June 29th to July 7th) is happening now so head on over and don’t miss the fun! The Regatta in Abaco began roughly 37 years ago as a collective effort to finance and build sloops to represent Abaco in the George Town Regatta, a sailing event for Bahamian fishing sloops. The “Abaco Rage”, now based in Hope Town, Abaco, was one of the original sloops. It was also one of the boats that participated in the Long Island Regatta in June!
Outside of continuing the sailboat racing tradition, the Abaco Regatta has turned into a week long event to revitalize the slow summer season and increase visitors. The venue for the Regatta moves to different towns and resorts giving everyone a taste of what Abaco has to offer. The five races are interspersed with awards and social events. Restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, and marinas all look forward to the hundreds of visitors, both on land and sea, who come for the festivities and make a financial contribution to local businesses in the various settlements.
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Ashley Brown
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