Open Your Car Windows Before Turning on the A/C.

There is an email circling the internet about not turning on your air condition when starting your car and the effects it has. The email claims that the dashboard, air fresheners, and the car seats emit a cancer causing toxin called Benzene and when in the car with the windows up you are inevitably inhaling it. The email states that a parked car indoors or under shade usually contains between 400 – 800 mg of Benzene vs. parked cars outdoors in the sun contains Benzene levels of up to 4000 mg, where an acceptable amount is said to be 50 mg per sq ft.
Benzene not only causes cancer but also poisons the bones, causes Anemia, and reduces white blood cells, and eventually Leukemia. It also has affects to the kidney and liver. The worse part of it all is that these toxins are very difficult to expel from the body. Therefore, the next time you get into your car after leaving it parked for a while put down the windows to allow the car to air out before turning on the A/C.  Let’s take precautions as it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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