Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes! The only pest that has that annoying buzz around your ear. Well here in the Bahamas they can be quite annoying sometimes when you are trying to enjoy your vacation. But not to worry due to all of our technological advances  a simple can of OFF! can give you the peace you need.

Due to our climate and most of the Islands having a smaller population than New Providence, mosquitoes have a lot of playground. As the Bahamas becomes more develop and we humans invade their space their numbers are slowly diminishing. The Government has taken upon itself to start fogging throughout the island of New Providence which has reduced their numbers.

The best time to visit the Bahamas is during the month of March because the winds blow more frequently which keep those pesky pest away. Also between the months of November and April its very cool in the Bahamas which helps in enjoying your vacation more because mosquitoes are not that plentiful.

So take a trip to the land of Sun Sand and Sea and don’t forget to bring your can of OFF.

Contact Estate Agent:

Antoine Adderley


Mobile: 242.465.8951

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