Crawfish/Lobster Season in The Bahamas


The Crawfish/Lobster season in the Bahamas spans from August 1st, 2012 to March 31st, 2012. This is a very exciting time for the Fishing Industry as all the boats and crews have been long preparing for this day.

There are laws that protect crawfish in the Bahamas and anyone engaging in crawfish out of season can be penalized. Fisherman should be aware of the following:

The minimum size limit for crawfish is a carapace length of 3 ¼ inches from the base of the horns to the end of the jacket, or 5 ½ inches tail length. A $10 permit is required to trap crawfish.

Traps should be wooden slat traps not more than 3 feet in length, 2 feet in width and 2 feet in height with slats not less than 1 inch apart.

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