Make Yourself At Home In Paradise By Booking A Vacation Rental


Vacation rentals are becoming one of the fastest-growing hospitality categories in North America and the Caribbean. These rentals include single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and apartments. Privacy, considerably more space, and overall affordability as compared to other lodging options, are just a few advantages of vacation rentals. They also provide an accommodation lifestyle unlike any other by offering personal amenities.

Thousands of travellers book hotel rooms every day, because they are not fully aware of alternatives. An alternative does exist; that is, a vacation rental. It is time to usher in a new era of travel accommodations. Say hello to vacation rentals and goodbye to hotels.

If you have ever stayed in a regular hotel room, you will recall that even nice ones have their pitfalls. Constant maintenance, shared walls, noisy neighbours, kids running up and down the halls, and being woken up by housekeeping’s banging on the door while ignoring the do not disturb sign should be familiar to you. The so called continental breakfast (toast, bagel and cream cheese) comes and goes. The pool is crowded and even pool chairs and fresh towels can sometimes be difficult to come by. Unless you are booking a costly, high-end suite, most of the regular hotels only have single rooms. They usually come with one or two beds, a bathroom, a TV and a mini-fridge if you are lucky.

A vacation home is the exact opposite – a quiet house in a residential area with lots of comfort, privacy and amenities. Many vacation rentals accommodate a whole family or even two. The houses are fully furnished and nicely decorated. Enjoy a home away from home without compromising your standards of living. No matter where in the world you go, hotels are basically the same, but a real home in a residential neighbourhood will give you a better opinion of the place you are visiting. It will help you get a better taste of the culture, customs, and cuisine. Personalize your vacation by cooking meals when you want, gathering in the living room or around the pool, and going to your own room at the end of the day. In addition, being able to house six or eight people for the price of two or four can easily halve your expenses, without having to bunk granny with little Jacob.

Families all over the Bahamas have turned their second homes into your next home away from home. Luxury beachfront villas, ocean view condominiums, chic apartments and comfortable Bahamian style island cottages welcome vacationers like you year after year. Explore white sandy beaches and relax under the sun in Nassau and throughout the Bahamas.

Discover what you have been missing and contact Mario Carey Realty for your next family getaway, wedding, first (or second) honeymoon, or reunion. Let the Bahamas be part of your realty. We will spare no effort to find a vacation rental that suits the specific needs of your party and your unique itinerary.

Vacation Rentals – The best way for you to enjoy a memorable, rewarding, budget-friendly and truly relaxing family vacation.

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Mobile: 242-429-0366


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