Move forward after Sandy


Move forward after Sandy

The slowest and largest moving storm in recent memory.

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself.


Price Gouging

Following a disaster, businesses and individuals are prohibited from unreasonably raising the price of essential goods and services in direct response to the disaster –. If you suspect a business is price gouging:

  • Obtain as much information as possible including estimates, invoices, receipts, or bills.
  • File a price gouging complaint

Home Repairs

Frustrated and anxious homeowners eager to get their property back in shape may neglect to take the usual precautions when hiring someone to perform home repairs. Insurance settlements and flood relief are tempting targets for unscrupulous contractors. Take time to verify all  contractors and other businesses are licensed and also check for complaints. Be wary of high pressure sales tactics and check references. 

Moving and Storage

You may have to move your belongings into storage while repairs are made. Before choosing a facility, verify the firm has adequate security and offers insurance coverage. When selecting a moving company, ask for references and estimates. Read and understand any contract before you sign it or make payments.

Charity Fraud

Following a natural disaster, there is often an outpouring of support for victims, and there are those who will attempt to take advantage. Be cautious of any charity that does not explain how your money will assist disaster victims, and avoid giving to someone who demands a donation immediately..

Flood Damaged Vehicles

When a vehicle suffers flood damage, the insurance companies will normally declare the vehicle a totalled loss and buy it from their policyholder. There is no guarantee that vehicle flood damage will be reported but there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Before you buy, trace the car’s title history and have a reputable mechanic inspect the vehicle for signs of water damage….

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