Good Landscaping in The Bahamas


Landscaping consist of several layers, tall plants in the back ground with smaller shrubs in front can give a more natural appeal. Pigeon Plum makes an excellent specimen for the background and is quite a tasty fruit enjoyed in The Bahamas on a hot sunny day. Pigeon plum is an excellent ornamental tree for yards because of its resistance to high winds, salty conditions, and drought. It is tolerant of salt spray and often grows well in sandy, rocky, or broken coral soils near tidewater areas. Pigeon plum is recommended as a good hurricane resistant species for barrier plantings.

The next layers of plants consist of small trees or shrubs. They are commonly called “stoppers.” The Spanish stopper (Eugenia foetida) the stems are engulfed with fragrant white flowers and after flowering the small red fruit turn black and are eaten by birds. There is also the Simpson’s stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans) which blooms in the summer followed by showy red fruits. Both the fruits and the flowers attract birds and butterflies as they provide food. Always remember that stoppers can be maintained to your desired size as they have small leaves and evergreen and usually a columnar shape. These plants will be denser if grown in the full sun and everyone knows that you if its full sun you are looking for, The Bahamas is the place to go.

The Bahama Sienna is native to The Bahamas and is a small shrub which produces yellow flowers nearly all year and is a big attraction for butterflies of all colors, allowing for beautiful arrays of butterflies in your garden.

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