Just a “Bit” about The Bahamas



The Bahamas is within close proximity to North America and Latin America. It stretches 50 miles off Florida’s coast at the Island of Bimini. There are some 700 islands and cays in the Atlantic Ocean and the total mass is estimated at 5382. The Bahamas is on the same time zone as New York and Toronto and has maintained a peaceful and stable democracy from 1729. It is an independent nation with a compliant legislation, no local taxes on capital gains, inheritance, personal and corporate income, dividends and interest. There are numerous proactive incentives for investments.

The Bahamas has a “New Team with a New Vision” and with the global economic environment evolving The Bahamas is focusing on a growth strategy where legislative agility, new trade offices in fast growing market and financial reforms tops the agenda. The Bahamas government, in the speech from the throne government committed to “the formulation and execution of policies that will encourage private investment…..while maximizing job creation and career development for Bahamians in the shortest possible time.”
The industry staff is highly trained and provides excellent customer service. The climate is ideal and there are many islands and cays to explore.
Call Lamond Davis at 242-357-3423 and get your piece of paradise today?
Lamond Davis

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