Mario Carey Realty Blue Claws Junior Baseball League



Seasoned real estate agent Lamond Davis, has been coaching baseball for the past three years with the Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN) in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas.

In June 2012, Head Coach Lamond Davis has lead the team to great results only losing one game of the season and carrying home the championship trophy. The previous Mario Carey Realty baseball team, consisted of 5 and 6 year old boys and girls. Lamond says, “We have mostly Bahamian kids but we also have kids from all over the world playing with us. I have housed several families that have relocated here internationally, and have assisted them in signing their kids up for afterschool activities here in Nassau, Bahamas. Not only have international kids of all ages signed up for baseball, but I have also assisted the parents in placing the kids in karate, soccer, ballet, dance, and many other after school activities.”

This year, Lamond has moved up to an older division in baseball and is now the head coach of the Mario Carey Realty Diamondbacks, and trains kids between the age of 7-9. Lamond has stated that “not only is it very fulfilling for me to assist the kids with baseball, but it also helps me to get in a bit of exercise. Selling Real Estate in The Bahamas is a very detailed profession, as you have to be able to give 110% to your clients. Picking them up from the airport, organizing accommodation, researching the perfect property and organizing a viewing can leave you with no free time, and when you love your job like I do, you have to make time for yourself and the kids by getting involved where it counts.”

There are many after school activies that are available here in Nassau, Bahamas. If you are relocating to the Bahamas and looking for either a rental home or a home to purchase, contact Lamond Davis, head of the Relocation Division here in Mario Carey Realty. Our division specializes in making the move from your home to a new home less of a hassle.

Contact Lamond Davis at 242-357-3423 or email him at

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