Super Bowl Ad for the Bahamas

I cannot express how proud I was to see the advertisement for The Island of The Bahamas, while watching the Super Bowl. Being that the Super Bowl is the most watched football game worldwide; the honor of being one of the highly anticipated and much talked about Super Bowl ads is so exciting!

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has gone above and beyond in showing the extreme beauty of the waters, and the pure white, powdery sand beaches.

Watching the plane fly over the myriad of blues of our waters, landing on the beach, made me want to be right there at that moment, on that very beach. (Not to mention wanting to join Rick Fox on his sailboat.)

Many people do not realize that Rick Fox of the LA Lakers, model and actress Shakara Ledard and Sir Sidney Poitier are born Bahamians. Many other famous people who appreciate the serenity, and breathtaking beauty actually bought their own private islands here; such as David Copperfield and Johnny Depp.

Take a look for yourself ~ be enticed ~ come “Behold” the beauty of the Bahamas.

Dana Pinder
Estate Agent
Mobile: 242.376.2880

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