Bahamas Real Estate | Baha Mar Casino

Baha Mar, The Bahamian Riviera, is expected to be one of the most luxurious resorts The Bahamas has ever seen. Many people aren’t aware of the investment opportunities that will be available in the upcoming years. Late 2014, one of The Bahamas’ largest projects will come to life.  It will come equipped with the largest floor casino in The Bahamas, as well as beautiful condos to suit only the classiest of lifestyles. Feel free to view our listings here
The casino itself will be managed by one of the largest and most successful casino management companies in the world, Global Gaming Asset Management. This is a HUGE move by Baha Mar, and the beautiful, 9000 square-foot casino, will go on to be the largest casino in the Bahamas, as well as “one of the most discreetly opulent and sophisticated to be found anywhere in the world”, described by Baha Mar here
Baha Mar definitely put thought into who should manage this amazing casino. Global Gaming Asset Management has managed casinos in Manila, Macau, Singapore, Atlantic City, and even Las Vegas. This move will not only benefit the hotel, but it will also have a dramatic effect on the tourism industry here in The Bahamas.
With so many tourists coming in and out of the country, there will not only be high demand to stay in the hotel, but also high demand to own units in this multi-billion-dollar-hotel. Baha Mar is expected to be a real estate gold mine, so my advice to any reader is to buy now before all the units are sold, and before the prices of the units skyrocket.
Luckily, you can find a few units for sale here

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