Bahamas Real Estate | A Fun Thing To Do For Kids Relocating to The Bahamas

Diamond Backs May 2013 (63)

Thinking about relocating to the Bahamas and wondering what can the kids do for fun? The Junior Baseball League of Nassau (“JBLN”) features 6 separate divisions catering to girls and boys ranging from ages to 5 to 20 years old. This is a fun way to entertain the kids and teach them the discipline it takes to become successful at something they enjoy doing.

Lamond Davis, Senior Estate Agent at Mario Carey Realty has been a part of JBLN for 3 consecutive years and last year he lead his 4 to 6 year old Tee-ball team known as the Mario Carey Realty Blue Claws, to a division best record “pennant medal” and “Championship trophy”.

Mr. Davis has once again volunteered his time to work with and train an almost fresh group of kids at the coach pitch level; consisting of 7 and 8 year olds. Even though the team was newest group to the division, The Mario Carey Realty Diamondbacks has never-the-less secured a “Third Place” finish, beating 2 out of 4 returning teams.

“I am dedicated to coaching baseball in The Bahamas” says head coach Lamond, “we have the perfect warm sunny weather for sports and perfect beaches for training”. “I feel a certain sense of accomplishment and achievement every time I am on the field, not only at games but at practice also.  I work full time in Real Estate and full time with the kids.  So my work is always ongoing.  I also have clients relocating to the Bahamas whom I help enroll in Baseball and allow the kids to practice with me during the summer season to make sure the kids are well trained.”

There are also activities such as swimming , soccer and sailing for the discerning family relocating to the Bahamas on business or just to appreciate sun, sand and beautiful seas that our Paradise Islands has to offer.

Please use the contacts below for more info on JBLN or to learn about other things to do when Relocating to the Bahamas:

 Lamond Davis


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