Bahamas Real Estate | Mario Carey Realty Congratulates Ilhee Lee On Winning The 2013 LPGA Tournament

This has certainly been a week to remember for LPGA Contestant Ilhee
Lee. The 2013 LPGA Tournament that was held in The Bahamas challenged

each and every contestant with its flooded holes from tropical weather conditions, but

Lee didn’t let this get in the way of her goal.She effortlessly shot birdies on the first 3 holes, and maintained her
lead for the majority of the tournament. The second-to-last hole posed
a threat to Lee due to the strong winds, but luckily, she was able to
make a clutch par putt. Due to the massive amount of rain, the
contestant weren’t able to play the 18th hole (par 5) until the last
day. On the 18th hole, Lee was able to get herself on the fairway from
the light rough, and set herself up for a two-putt birdie, which gave
Lee her first professional win. Lee won with only two shots over Irene
Cho.”This is the best day in my life,” Lee said. “I’m so happy right now.”

It is traditional for first-time winners to get showered with beer to
celebrate their accomplishment, but due to the heavy downpour, Jennie
Lee found it appropriate to shower Ilhee with shaving cream (as seen
in the picture above).

Lee received $195,000 for her accomplishment, which was enough to make
up for her $45 loss over 4 nights at the casino in Atlantis. When she
was asked if she was going back to the casino Sunday night, Lee smiled
and gave two thumbs-up.


Pure Silk and the Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism definitely did a great
job hosting this event, and we hope to see more from the in the years
to come.

This has surely been a week to remember, not only for Lee and the
other contestants of the LPGA Tour, but also for the residents of
Ocean Club Estates, where the tournament was held.

If you have any inquiries about listings in Ocean Club Estates, feel
free to contact Mario Carey, the Ocean Club specialist at:

Phone: 242-677-8255/242-357-7013

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