Bahamas Real Estate | O.D.I.B. (One Day In Bimini)


Summer is here and Bimini has come to life once again, it’s something you really have to see. Throughout the winter, Bimini is a quiet sleepy town. You can walk from end to end and maybe see 50 persons, but as soon as April comes around things change dramatically! You can stand on the hill in North Bimini on Queens Highway and watch the boats lined off coming in from Miami, filled with fishermen and their families, looking for a fun time. In the past most of the visitors were men looking to haul in the biggest catch of the day.


 Now Bimini is a family get away, with resorts like Bimini Bay and Bimini Sands there is more to do for the family. Eg: Kite boarding, Water skiing, Scuba diving and much more.


 On a weekend like Memorial Day the island population triples and now with the Fast Ferry  making trips to Bimini from Miami twice weekly, carrying about 1,500 to 2,500 persons the party never ends, Bimini is one of the most interesting islands in The Bahamas. Not since the 50’s has Bimini had such great interest as a vacation spot.


Real estate is also on the move and owning property just 50 miles of the coast of Florida is a dream for most, so when you’re ready to have that dream become a reality please feel free to contact me…My name is Sheldon Pitt I am a real estate agent with Mario Carey Realty and we have property listings throughout the island and resorts for sale in North Bimini and South Bimini.

The Bimini chain — celebrated in Ernest Hemingway’s novel Islands in the Stream — features flats teeming with bonefish; coral reefs with large yellowtail, mutton and grey snapper, You anglers that have visited in the past know what I’m speaking of.

Image So the time is now for you to make that move to the Island in the stream. If you can’t stay year round at lease come for One Day In Bimini (ODIB)…Like the song says…You never had a lickin’ tell you been down to Bimini..

I’ll see you when you get here!


Estate Agent

1-242-544-7509 cell


Mario Carey Realty

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