Bahamas Real Estate| Fishing in the Bahamas

          The Islands of the Bahamas contain some of the most beautiful beaches, waters, and marine life in the world. Beaches consist of fine, white or pink sands. Our shallow waters are clear to the point of disbelief. As for marine life, the Bahamas is a fisherman’s dream vacation spot. In the international Marlin Magazine, the islands are ranked in the top 5 places for game fishing, especially for catching blue marlin.,1.


The Islands are definitely not limited to blue marlin fishing though. A number of fishing tournaments happen throughout the year in Cat Island, Eleuthera, and Abaco. For more information or to sign up for a tournament visit

          Other exciting forms of fishing that might spike your interest in The Bahamas are big game fishing, reef fishing, spear fishing, fishing charters, and bone fishing. Marlins are indeed a part of big game fishing, but there are other big fish in our seas. Records have been broken for big game fish in the Bahama Islands. Fisherman can be seen catching tuna, sail fish, wahoo and dolphin—the dolphin fish of course, not Flipper, which is actually a movie that was filmed right here in The Bahamas!



          Reef and spear fishing are for the relaxed and adventurous. Moseying around on a little boat with a couple of hand lines or small rods are for those people looking to relax and catch some snappers, jacks, grunts and yellow tail. On the other hand, we cater to those people that also want to dive into our beautiful ocean with a spear and sling, hold their breath, dive into the depths, and hunt for grouper, triggerfish, rock fish, and crawfish! This is a completely exhilarating, unique experience that is worth trying here in the Bahamas!

Image         Another wonderful form of fishing is bone fishing. The island, Long Island, is a beautiful island here in the Bahamas. This island is known for its gorgeous sand banks, clear sea and sky, a fish fulfilled ocean, and their bonefish. People can be seen walking out onto the banks, treading through the crystal clear waters, or cruising in a small boat to having the best bone fishing experience of their life. Who would not want to live in a beautiful place like The Bahamas? This is a country where you can enjoy nature’s cool ocean breeze, catch dinner in your backyard, chill out on the beach, or dive down to the bottom of the sea and do some spearing. Long Island offers all of these relaxing and adventurous activities.


          Mario Carey Realty wants to help you find your perfect dream resort that will set you up for some fun in the sun. We want you to experience all these forms of fishing. This is why Long Island Breeze Resort and Yacht Club would be the perfect business investment that would give you and your family access to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. For more information on this listing, please visit, or contact Mario Carey Realty’s CRS, CIPS, CLHMS, President & CEO Mario Carey at 242-357-7013 or

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