Bahamas Real Estate | Vision

Image         The story is told that Walt Disney was sitting on a bench at Disney World staring into space. A worker of his asked, “Mr. Disney what are you doing?” He answered, “I am looking at the mountain right there.” Walt told his architects about this experience, and they drew the plan for Space Mountain according to his specifications.  He died before it was built, and therefore missed the ride’s construction. At the dedication ceremony one of the young men stood up to introduce Mrs. Disney. He said, “It’s a pity Mr. Disney is not here to see this mountain, but his wife is.” Mrs. Disney walked to the stage, looked at the crowd, and said, “I must correct this young man. Walt already saw this mountain. It is you who is just seeing it.”


Many times we pass a vacant land and see only trees and shrubs, or we walk into a fixer upper and merely see work. It takes vision to see beyond what is there and what could be. An example is, walking into a fixer upper and seeing a wall removed to make more space, looking at the ceiling and seeing a timber ceiling, walking into the kitchen and visioning granite counter tops, a dishwasher, and counter top stove. Homes can be restored because what’s there is not the end all be all. Everything is relative to price, but with the many options available now it’s easy to find the right floor tile, hardwood floor, kitchen and bathroom hardware.


          Many times prospect buyers walk into a house and see a purple wall, pink carpet, or floral wallpaper in the bathroom. They use these characteristics as an excuse for not wanting the house, but these characteristics are only cosmetic. Another buyer will walk in and see the very same thing, but then they imagine a white wall, bamboo flooring and better looking tile in the bathroom. That is vision. So, don’t get discouraged by cosmetic things that can easily be changed. Taking on a fixer upper will require the right budget, but one can take a house and restore it back to a palace.
Therefore, do not look with your eyes; look beyond at what can be and make that purchase.
For more information on the above property go to:, or contact Antoine Adderley at or 242-465-8951.

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