Bahamas Real Estate | The Nassau Florist




On Thursday, June 13th Nassau Florist officially opened at their new and improved location—The Villa Flora on Dowdeswell Street. Mario Carey Realty aided Jim Whitehead in discovering this beautiful, spacious location. We arranged the lease for Villa Flora, and the old building is also exclusively listed with Mario Carey Realty. Mr. Whitehead held a private, celebratory reception on Thursday evening for his guests, the First Lady, Bernadette Christie, being one of them. Sharon Ferguson, Operations Manager for MCR, and Terrinique Pennerman, Marketing Manager for MCR, attended the event and watched Mrs. Christie cut the ribbon to announce Villa Flora’s Grand Opening. Alfred Collie, a partner at Nassau Florist, posed and enjoyed Ms. Pennerman and Mrs. Ferguson’s company as guests admired the flowers, jewelry, and Bahamian goods. The event was magnificent, and Mario Carey Realty wishes Mr. Whitehead, Alfred Collie, and their colleagues the best of luck.


For further information on the old location, go to:, or contact Mario Carey at 242-357-7013 or


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