Bahamas Real Estate | Long Island Regatta


            This year was Long Island’s 46th Annual Regatta, and Mario Carey Realty was a proud sponsor. The company sponsored Rupert’s Legend, one of the oldest A class boats in the race today. This sailboat holds much sentimental value in Mario Carey’s heart due to the fact that Rupert Knowles was father to Mario’s Uncle—Earlin Knowles. Rupert designed and built the Legend twenty-five years ago with his three sons, Bert, Mack, and Earlin. This was an era of rudimentary tools, and these men were the most productive, skilled boat makers of their time. Rupert’s Legend was and is a top boat in all Bahamian regattas; any attendees can vouch to seeing A1, the mark on the Legend’s sails, at the front of almost every race. The Legend has been passed down through the Knowles family since its creation. In the words of crewmember, Edsel Knowles (Rupert’s grandson and Mario’s first cousin,) “She truly is a one of a kind.”


            This year, the Legend attended the National Family Island Regatta in George Town, Exuma and the Long Island Regatta in Salt Pond, Long Island. In George Town, Rupert’s Legend tied for 2nd place, but ended up placing 3rd after a tiebreaker. On June 7th, early Thursday morning, Long Island Regatta’s first Ocean Race took place. The Legend led this race until complications arose, and the crew lost time fixing the boom. Yet, their skill, determination, and perseverance got them back into the race, and they ended up taking 3rd place. A1 got into another dire situation on Friday during the second race. They also led of this race until a collision with The New Courageous occurred. The collision resulted in a broken mast, which ended Rupert’s Legend regatta competition. Edsel explained to Mario Carey Realty that he and his crew are “hopeful that we can get the mast fixed soon, so that the Legend can compete in at least one more regatta this year. If the mast had not broken, the Legend would have surely been in the top three again this year.” Mario Carey Realty sends out our luck and support to Rupert’s Legend getting back in gear.


         For those of you interested in regattas, fishing, island life, cave exploring, and diving, Long Island is the place for you, and Mario Carey Realty offers the perfect waterfront homes. To view these home go to: and Or contact Mario Carey at, or 2423577013.


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