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Yesterday evening, Nikolas Wallenda, one of the world’s greatest daredevils, conquered his goal of walking 1,400 feet across cable wire, which was 1,500 feet above the Grand Canyon. The steel cable was a mere 2 inches in diameter with a weight of 8.5 tons; that weight did not include a safety net. To watch this incredible aerialist, acrobat and high wire artist elegantly walk above the Little Colorado River’s windy heights, visit:


The King of Wire, Wallenda’s alternative name, comes from The Flying Wallenda family. This seven-generation family of acrobats dates back to the 1700s in Austria-Hungary. Nik’s ancestors were comprised of aerialists, jugglers, trapeze artists, animal trainers, and acrobats. The Wallenda’s carried on being daredevil performers throughout the 19th and 20th century. Fourteen members of his family currently perform in various troupes around the world. Although this might seem like a romanticized, exciting family business, it certainly does have its consequences. Nik’s great-grandfather, sister in law, and two other family members plunged to their deaths in separate acts throughout the 1900s. Nikolas takes it upon himself to walk the tightrope for these members, and use them as an inspiration.


This fearless Wallenda has earned seven Guinness World Records for his breath taking performances; one of those performances took place right here in Nassau, Bahamas. In 2010, Nik broke the highest tightrope crossing record by bicycle. The event took place at the Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island. A cable wire was placed between the Royal Towers and Coral Towers. People crowded around and watched the courageous Wallenda walk and bike threw the ocean breeze 26 stories above ground. Check out this mind boggling event at:


Wallenda broke and created many new records throughout the late 20th and early 21st century. In 1999, he proposed to his wife on a high wire in Montreal. In 2011, he completed the 135-foot tightrope walk his great-grandfather died attempting in Puerto Rico. In 2012, he became the first person to walk the tightrope over Niagara Falls. And last, but not least, in 2013 he walked along his cable wire with the beautiful Grand Canyon surrounding him. After this venture, Nik explained to fans and reporters, “I definitely know where I’m going if I were to lose my life. That’s where I find my peace.”

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