Bahamas Real Estate | Independence Day Artists


In light of Bahamas’ 40th Independence Day, Mario Carey Realty wants to take the next 8 days to celebrate our local Artists. In a staff meeting, the topic of art came up. Some questions were thrown out there—“Why do Bahamians buy so much foreign art?” “There is so much talent here in our own country, why don’t we recognize it?” Then the topic of featuring one artist a day until Independence Day came up, and we flew with it. Our staff found some local artists, talked with them, and all parties agreed it was a wonderful idea.


So, our first artist of the week is Arjuna Watson, also known as AJ or DECYPUL. His art is what he calls, “Urban Realism.” AJ was in fact born in Trinidad, lived in Australia, and has been living in The Bahamas for 17 years; he is as Bahamian as they come, trust me. His love for the ocean influenced his migration to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. As the story is told, he left Australia and went on a self-learning quest around the world. He eventually arrived back in Trinidad, went sailing, and ended up in The Bahamas.

AJ started to make a life in the Islands. He built up his creative, artistic reputation with numerous art shows—eight to be exact—and featured his art throughout many locations around Nassau. The sky was the limit for AJ. His art can be seen on buildings, banks, people’s homes, art galleries, and local artsy hubs. AJ’s style of art includes realism, impressionism, and urban realism. He created urban realism out of the social realism from the mid 1900s. Artists in Russia and Australia influenceImaged his work because of their large scale, realistic, impressionist works. AJ loves to paint in enamel and oils on very large canvases. He incorporates graffiti like text into some of his paintings to send a message out to his viewers. AJ’s love and specialty is form, figure, and portraits; he is wonderful in all these artistic aspects. For more information on AJ and his work, visit or contact AJ at

Support our local artists Bahamas, and look forward to hearing about more of these talented individuals from Mario Carey Realty.


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