Bahamas Real Estate | Independence Artist of the Day


Happy Wednesday everyone! Only seven days left until Independence, and Mario Carey Realty is here to feature the local Bahamian Artist of the day—Kishan Munroe. Kishan’s roots are right here in the Bahamas. He was born in Nassau in 1980 and grew up with an interest in art. In 2003, Kishan pursued his art career and received BFA degrees in Painting and 3D Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design. He then went onto graduate school and received his alma mater, which concluded his painting studies in 2005. Throughout Kishan’s studies and post education, he traveled and used his artistic abilities to convey the messages, cultural connotations, and new life he encountered.


Throughout his studies and travels, Kishan enriched and developed his work into the stupendous creations we see now. Its been said that his goal is, “To transcend the boundaries of language and culture in order to create artwork that can be understood as activism.” This is what Kishan does—he portrays the realities of various cultures, the realities that are unknown or forgotten, and brings them to the forefront of a life we know and are comfortable with. Kishan’s goal is to provide his audience with a deeper consciousness, understanding and awareness of the world around them and world not around them. Dr. Erica James, a Doctor familiar with Kishan’s work, said, “His desire is not to dismantle our psychic refuges, but to encourage viewers to probe into a deeper consciousness and arrive at a new awareness of themselves and the world around us all, taking little for granted.”


 By implementing a greater knowledge into the eyes of his audience, Kishan hopes to promote tolerance, progression, and a peaceful coexistence of and between cultures. In 2008, Kishan began his multi-media expedition, ‘The Universal Human Experience,’ to accomplish his goals, hopes and dreams. This expedition included traveling to different cultures to work, meet individuals, experience the environment, and in turn truly attain the deepest understanding of his foreign surroundings. Kishan’s cross cultural relationships and adventures have brought him recognition, awards, and accolades. They also resulted in exhibitions of his works around the Caribbean, North America, and Latin America. Mario Carey Realty thought his work, ‘The Three Day Rush II,’ represented the independent Bahamian spirit. This was an image he created after his travels throughout the Americas. Kishan’s thoughts and description of this painting are as follows:


“It taps into the cultures of the diaspora. Junkanoo is referenced through the use of the shoulder piece, and carnival is referenced through the use of the painted face and tassels. The background is comprised of three separate panels, representing three days of the Junkanoo celebration: preparations the day before, the actual day of the parade and the day after. The hair flows freely behind the figure, showing dynamism and progression. This piece speaks of the plurality and fusion of our global Caribbean cultures. This is now interesting considering the government’s recent decision to create a fusion festival within The Bahamas.”

Mario Carey Realty commends Kishan Munroe, this young, talented, incredibly cultured and intelligent man on his stunning works. Good luck Kishan! For more information on Kishan and his work, contact him at or visit his website at Mario Carey Realty happily brings you the Artist of the Day; for more information about us, visit

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