Bahamas Real Estate | Half Day & What To-Do’s


In light of the upcoming Independence weekend, Mario Carey has given his TEAM and Staff at Mario Carey Realty a half-day off tomorrow, Friday the 5th! That being said, Mario Carey Realty will be attending one of the weekend To-Do’s. We will be out supporting the stalls, especially REACH (Resources & Education for Autism and Related Challenges), at Rawson Square. Come out and have some fun, food, drinks, and celebrate Independence with us!



As for other weekend To-Do’s, there are a lot of things going on. First off, we want to say Happy 4th of July United States of America! What that means for us is fireworks Nassau! Don’t miss out on all the many hotels’ wonderful firework shows. Atlantis’ fire works start at 8:30pm, so find a spot on the Northern side of the island and be blown away! Another 4th of July event is happening at Green Parrot on East Bay St. The fun starts at 6pm. Cotton candy cocktails, burgers, hotdog sliders, and Budweiser specials will be available. Also, you will have the best view in town of Atlantis’ fire works!



Tomorrow is National Pride Day (also known as National Tee Shirt Day). So, let’s wear our aquamarine, gold, and black colors Bahamas and support the 40th Anniversary of Independence. Remember to come out to Rawson Square between 10am-5pm and have some fun. There will be a National Cultural Concert 5pm-until at Thomas A. Robinson Stadium. Another concert will be held by the Anglican Chorale at 8pm at Christ Church Cathedral; this is a Variety Concert to celebrate Bahamian Composers and Musicians.



Saturday is full with various exciting events! If you want to listen to some music, there is an Urban Renewal Band performance at Centerville. If you want to get a workout or just get outside, there is a Fun Walk, and Run at 6am at various locations. For those that want something fancy, the Sir Lynden Pindling Legacy Ball will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Cable Beach at 7pm.



This Sunday is the last day to get out on your boat and head over to Andros for the Andros regatta! The regatta starts Friday and ends Sunday; get the coolers ready and go have some fun. You early birds and cyclists might enjoy the National Independence Cycling championships, which start at 8am.


Independence Week:

Starting Jul 8th thru 12th the Bahamian Constitutional Document will be displayed at the Central Bank of the Bahamas. As for Independence Eve, there will be a Cultural Show, March Pass, and FIREWORKS! On the day we have all been waiting for, July 10th, there will be the tradition Junkanoo rush out at 3am. There will also be a presentation at the College of The Bahamas “From Dat Time” Oral & Public History Institute. For more information on upcoming To-Do’s visit:

Have a great weekend Bahamas, from Mario Carey Realty!

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