Bahamas Real Estate | Bimini Bay Takes on Resorts World


Bimini is the upcoming hot and heavy Island in The Bahamas folks. Resorts World, a world famous casino branch, bought 49% of the land in Bimini Bay and is in the process of contributing to the Island and Bimini Bay Resort & Marina’s immense development. The main attraction is the 10,000 square foot Resorts World Bimini Bay Casino, which had its grand opening on June 28th 2013. The Prime Minister, Perry G. Christy, President of RAV Bahamas, Gerardo Capo, and chairman of Resorts World and Genting Group, K.T. Lim, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.


RAV Bahamas is a real estate development and construction company in The Bahamas that specializes in hotel, commercial, and residential infrastructure throughout the Caribbean; this company is the developer of Bimini Bay Resort & Marina and Rockwell Island Beach Estates. RAV partnered up with Resorts World, a subsidiary of the Genting Group, which is a multinational corporation that focuses on leisure and gaming development. Through this partnership, Bimini is one of the fastest developing islands in The Bahamas.


Resorts World Bimini Bay Casino plans to contribute to the island’s infrastructure immensely. The Prime Minister himself addressed how the company’s plans includes: affordable transportation rates, resort activity enhancement, implementation of an effective marketing strategy, job opportunities, human resource development and training to deliver world class service. Other infrastructures that are currently being implemented are: an expanded airport, housing near the airport, and a new cruise line.  A new cruise line already took over for the fast ferry from Miami.  Resorts World Bimini Super Fast takes 1,500 people to Bimini twice a day, rather than the 300 people the fast ferry took once a day. There is a morning trip where visitors can spend a fun day in the sun and get picked up at night. There is also an evening trip that gives visitors the option to spend an evening and morning at the beautiful resort and get picked up the next day. Round trip tickets from Miami to Bimini are as low at 49$, and travel time takes a mere two hours! That’s a deal.


Now, casino fun is not the only form of entertainment in Bimini Bay. There is snorkeling, boating, beaching, diving, fishing, water sports, and tons of ways to reach the peak of your relaxation. This beautiful, pristine island offers serenity, excitement, and absolute awe due to its breath taking beauty. Bimini Bay is the place to be. Mario Carey Realty has numerous lands, properties, and rentals that might interest you, your family, and your loved ones. To take a look at a few listings, visit:

 Or contact Sheldon Pitt at 242-544-7509/


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