Bahamas Real Estate | Bahamian Independence Artist


Hope everyone is excited and ready for The Bahamas’ 40th Independence Day. Mario Carey Realty is here to celebrate the local, Bahamian artist of they day. Andret John is a Bahamian from Rock Sound, Eleuthera. His art is inspired by island life, culture, and everything that’s Bahamian. This is one of the reasons Mario Carey ImageRealty chose to feature Andret’s work.


Andret was actually born on the year of our Independence—1973— in Nassau. He moved to Eleuthera when he was boy and always enjoyed art. Growing up on a small island with minimal technology gave Andret the ability to tap into his creative side and develop artistically. Andret moved back to Nassau and attended Queen’s College. After he graduated in 1989, Andret began his artistic career.

What is amazing about this artist and his career is the many different mediums he uses to portray his culture. Andret’s work can be seen in ceramic, marble, concrete, granite, limestone, wood, bronze, watercolors, acrylics, and oils. This shows how talented this self-taught artist truly is.  His focus revolves around people in the style of artistic realism. Andret is a well-known Bahamian artist with incredible artistic capabilities. Support him and his work. For more information contact him at Andret John Studios Tel. 242-364-1874 | 242-552-2230, or Feel free to contact for more   information on this artist or Independence Day. Take care everyone!



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