Bahamas Real Estate | Lobster Season


Ladies and Gents, we all know which season is near—crawfish season! Mario Carey Realty is here to give you the updates, times, and news about crawfishing. Mario, his family, and many of his employees love to take advantage of the beautiful Bahama waters and spear, fish, and crawfish. With the traditional Hawaiian sling and spear in hand, we all enjoy diving down into the ocean’s depths, hunting for crawfish, spearing them, and enjoying a delicious crawfish dinner. Yum. Doesn’t that sound incredible? Yes.


Crawfish Season begins August 1st,2013 and ends April 1st,2014. Get your spears, slings, coolers, ice, and boats ready everyone because crawfishing time begins in two weeks. Mario Carey and his family go out on a fishing trip every year and do very well for themselves, as you can see in the pictures below.


Now, remember there are some crawfishing rules. Do not spear anything with a tail smaller then 5.5 inches. Do not go spearing by yourself. If you are spearing fish as well, do not leave the fish bleeding in the water. Permits are required for those using compressors. It is illegal to spear crawfish while SCUBA diving. Remember that this is a sport and the rules are important to follow; so abide by them.


Mario Carey Realty wishes that everyone go out and open up the crawfishing season safely and happily. Enjoy the waters of The Bahamas, being around friends, and spending time with family. Good luck! For more information on crawfishing regulations, contact Mario Carey Realty at 242-677-8255, 242-357-7013, or

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