Bahamas Real Estate | Bimini Blast Off


Not surprisingly, Bimini Bay is continuing its blast off into the development world. Resorts World Bimini just got the go ahead to start their 150 million dollar phase development. The development will proceed for a three-year period and will include two low-density hotels, 600 rooms, an expanded casino, and new museums. Prime Minister, Perry Christie, is completely on board with the program and announced his approval after the Resorts World Bimini Superfast Ferry’s inaugural trip to Bimini commenced on Saturday July 20th. Mr. Christie believes development is going to be an absolute success and resort sensation.


The Islanders are also excited about the new development plan because they are in it! The new plans will offer 1,000 new jobs to a population of 2,000 islanders, provide development for North and South Bimini, and create more exposure and infrastructure for the island. The Superfast Ferry also offers The Bahamas its fist specific, direct, exclusive cruise line from Miami to Bimini.


So, look out Bahamas. Bimini looks like it’s becoming a powerhouse island over there in the North. Mario Carey Realty is looking forward to the upcoming developments. For any inquiries on Bimini properties or rentals, please contact Sheldon Pitt, our Bimini agent, for more information at, 242-544-7509, or 242-677-8255. Thank you.

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