Bahamas Real Estate | MCR Fun Day!


(Left to right 1st row) Antoine Adderley | Broker & Appraiser, Sharon Ferguson | Operations Manager, Terrinique Pennerman | Marketing Manager, Dana Pinder | Estate Agent, Tristan White | Estate Agent, Mario Carey | President/CEO
(Left to right 2nd row) S. Prince Lewis | Assistant, Lisa Carroll | Receptionist/Listing Manager, Dana Pinder | Estate Agent, Colleen Carey | Marketing Assistant
(Left to right 3rd row) Robyn Davis | Estate Agent, Marcus Bain | Estate Agent, Isobel Carey
(Left to right 4th row)Andrew Seymour | Estate Agent, Tina Bain | Estate Agent
(Left to right 5th row) Tim Rodland | Estate Agent, Lamond Davis | Estate Agent
(Top) Sheldon Pitt | Estate Agent.

Mario Carey Realty had its annual office fun day this weekend! We closed up the office Friday and had a “mandatory” party at Mario Carey’s house in Ocean Club. It was a blast!  Not only do we sell luxury at MCR, we party and live it. The party included beach fun with jet-ski rides, kayaking, conch diving, and great company. A private masseuse attended the party and gave everyone back massages; it was fabulous. The food was to die for; homemade burgers, curry chicken, ribs, hot dogs, macaroni, rice, and salads completed the menu. A private bartender poured wine, champagne, sky juice and mixed drinks from noon to 8pm. And to complete the day, Mario awarded staff and agents plaques and gifts to show his appreciation for their work within the company. To say the least, the day was special and unforgettable.


(Left to right) Sheldon Pitt | Estate Agent, Dana Pinder | Estate Agent, Mario Carey | President/CEO | Antoine Adderley | Broker & Appraiser
(Top) Lamond Davis | Estate Agent

There were many people awarded for their efforts, success, and accomplishments within the company. Those that received plaques were: Sheldon Pitt for the Sixth Man Guard Award, Dana Pinder for the President’s Award, Lamond Davis for the Diamond Award, and Antoine Adderley for the Blockbuster Award. All the ladies were given flowers. Many were given personalized cardholders. Some were given personalized business cards highlighting their awards.


(Left to right) Terrinique Pennerman | Marketing Manager, Tristan White | Estate Agent/ former Marketing Assistant
(Top) Colleen Carey | Marketing Assistant

What made the day so special was everyone in the office coming together, having fun, and getting closer. Here at MCR we believe that community and relationships are very important aspects in life. So we all give thanks to Mario Carey for hosting such a great day. Below are some of the thank you messages given to Mario and those that made the party possible.


(Left to right) Terrinique Pennerman | Marketing Manager, Pansy Lewis | Mario’s Life Assistant, Mario Carey | President/CEO

“Mario, the flowers, massages, everything were really wonderful and unexpected!”- Dana Pinder | Estate Agent

“Yesterday was a good day even for the kids who didn’t want come off the beach. Thanks for everything.” – Antoine Adderley | Broker/Appraiser

“I thought last year’s Fun Day was great. But yesterday surpassed that. I had a great time. Thanks!!!!” – Raymond Antonio | Appraiser Assistant/ Estate Agent

“I thoroughly enjoy FUN DAY!!!!Thanks everyone for coming out and participating and making the day a huge success. Thank you Mario for the wonderful arrangements, plaques and gifts. It was indeed very kind and thoughtful of you and I express sincere thanks on behalf of the entire TEAM MCR.” -Sharon Ferguson | Operations Manager

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