Bahamas Real Estate | Bimini The Place To Be


The Islands of Bimini are on a race for development, tourism, and industry. With the new Resorts World Bimini Super Fast Ferry and Resort’s World Casino, Bimini is now one of the top islands to visit in The Bahamas. Why? How did Bimini come into the World’s eye and literally become a top attraction? Well the obvious answer is location; the islands are a mere 50 miles off the East coast of Miami and are within a 28 mile radius of one another. They are accessible, easy to travel between, and provide you with everything you could want on a vacation.


Bimini’s history dates back to the early 1500’s when pirates, ship runners, and pirateers stopped in Bimini for fresh water. This water revived them after being at sea for weeks at a time, deydrated and close to death. The magical water became a rumor throughout the Caribbean Islands; it became known as the Fountain of Youth. Juan Ponce de Leon, Spanish conquistador and Governor of Puerto Rico at the time, heard of the mystical waters of Bimini and set out to find them. The tale says that, in 1513 he discovered the Fountain of Youth, which is located on South Bimini. The fountain is of great pride to local Biminites. Many claim they have been revived by its magical waters.


Bimini has another healing site, minus the mythical attributes, and it is called “The Healing Hole.” Throuoghout the years, people around the world traveled to Bimini to visit this site, which was proven to contain healing properties due to the Lithium and Magnesium in the water. These minerals reside in the outflow of water that moves with the tides. As tide goes out, the interconnected underwater tunnels and passageways beneath the mangroves release an outflow of sea water, combined with fresh water. Specifically, at the Healing Hole, Lithium and Magnesium reside within this outflow and makes those that swim in it feel great.


Many people have been known to benefit from Bimini’s resources and beauty. Earnest Hemingway, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Congressmen Adam Clayton Powell were drawn to Bimini’s special waters, fabulous fishing and relaxing atmosphere. Hemingway fished, drank, brawled and wrote some of his most famous novels on the island. When Congressman Powel invited Dr. King to Bimini, the Island’s serene nature inspired Dr. King to write the world famous ‘I Have A Dream Speech. ‘In addition to fishing, Bimini offers tremendous scuba diving opportunities. Sapona, located off the coast of South Bimini, is a landmark and sunken ship that was built by Henry Ford during World War I. Another favourite spot to explore is a large Spanish Galleon wreck, complete with cannon balls. Last but not least, rumor has it that the Lost City of Atlantis is located off shore in 30ft of water.


Bimini’s history is lucrative, fun, and exciting. The island was and is known for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. It is the place to be, and Mario Carey Realty (MCR) wants to help get you there. Sheldon Pitt, a local Biminite, will be the Estate Agent running the MCR office in Bimini. The office is said to be done by 2014 and will provide everyone with MCR’s special services. For more  on property rentals, sales, or general questions about Bimini, please contact Sheldon Pitt at, or 242-544-7509.


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