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Photo by: Matt Meier

Cristina Zenato, shark charmer from Italy, moved to The Bahamas 19 years ago after growing up in the African Congo. Growing up in rain forests and around wild life created this love for nature within Zenato. Once in The Bahamas, she ventured into the world of diving and fell in love. She works for The Underwater Explorers Society, heads diving at UNEXSO in Freeport Grand Bahama, is a PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI, open water instructor, NSS-CDS full cave instructor, Extended Range Instructor, TDI advanced Nitrox with decompression procedure, and more. She is indeed one with the ocean and can be found there even in her free time.


Photo by: Matt Meier

This talented woman is the one to go to for those interested in shark conservation, SCUBA, cave exploration, and ocean conservation. As for sharks, she is THE SHARK LADY. Zenato can be seen underwater, calming down sharks so she can reach her arm into their jaws and retrieve uncomfortable fishhooks and remove unwanted parasites. Check it out in Paige Colwell’s video below.


This form of hypnosis, as some may call it, is called putting a shark into tonic immobility. Zenato does this by rubbing her fingers across the visible dots, known as electro-receptive sensory organs, around the shark’s head and face. She can also be seen feeding a multitude of shark species around the world. Now, when I say feeding, I don’t mean feeding them off a rod or from within a cage. I mean hand feeding them on SCUBA with a container of bait. Absolutely incredible! See Joe Romeiro’s video below for a close up view!


For those adventurous souls that want to witness shark feeding, explore caves, or even feed sharks themselves, all you have to do is make a trip to Freeport Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. UNEXSO, where Zenato carries out her work, is conveniently located at the Port Lucaya Marina, The shopping Mecca of beautiful Freeport. Not only does the company offer shark, cave, and SCUBA diving, but you can also swim with the dolphins. Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful place, or even live there! People from all over the world are welcomed and encouraged to gaze upon and experience these once in a lifetime opportunities The Bahamas has to offer.


Photo by: PADI

They are also encouraged to come meet this incredibly gifted young woman.  Not only is she a shark handler, cave extraordinaire, and diver, but she is a teacher and role model. She has been featured on informative TV channels such as: BBC, Discovery, Nat Geo, ABC, and Science and Nature programs all over Europe and the United States.  She played in films such as: Der See Wulf, Shark Water, Shark Man, Oceans, and the non-profit films Gimme-A-Hug / Protect the Sharks Foundation.  On her home island, she works closely with the National Trust for conservation purposes. And last but not least, Zenato received the Platinum Pro Award 5000 from Scuba Schools International and is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Zenato speaks five languages—Italian, German, French, Spanish, and English—which serves English and non-English speakers around the world.


So, why not hop on a plane and take a visit to Freeport, or any of the beautiful islands of The Bahamas for that matter?  Why not lounge on the pristine beaches, dive in the turquoise waters, go boating for the afternoon, deep sea fishing, explore the cave systems, and feed sharks? Maybe visiting isn’t enough, and you are interested in buying a house or property. This is where Mario Carey Realty comes in–to help you find properties or rentals all around the islands. For more information give us a call at 242-677-8255 or e-mail us at See you soon!

For more information about Cristina Zenato or UNEXO, please see the links below:

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