Bahamas Real Estate | Private Owned Islands


We all know the incredible, laid back, role model actor –Johnny Depp. Did you know that after filming “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Depp wanted to get stranded on an island of his own in The Bahamas? It’s the truth ladies and gentleman. In 2004 Johnny Depp bought the beautiful, exclusive, 35-acre island— “Little Hall’s Pond Cay”— in the Exumas for $3.6 million dollars. The island provides Depp and his family with island fun, privacy, and paradise.


The admirable part of this extravagant purchase is that Depp made Little Hall’s Pond Cay completely eco-friendly. He employed environmentalist Mike Strizki to create an earth-friendly oasis fuelled by solar hydrogen technology. This means that The Bahamas’ powerful sunrays are created into electricity and used to run any necessary amenities. What an amazing investment, and not just amazing, but expensive. Depp spent roughly $500,000 to convert the entire house to solar power.

It is admirable to see a wealthy celebrity use his Monday to decrease his carbon footprint and make the earth more environmentally sound. Mario Carey Realty commends you Mr. Depp.


The Islands of The Bahamas are the place to be. Other celebrities that own Bahamian islands are Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, David Copperfield, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Lenny Kravitz. Those that own houses are Michael Jordan, Rick Fox, Sean Connery, Tiger Woods, Terry Manning, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy, Mariah Carey, Mike Oldfield, Peter Nygard, Bill Gates, Joe Lewis, Shakira Mebarak, and Sidney Poitier, just to name a few.  For those interested in owning land or buying a house in The Bahamas, Mario Carey Realty is here to help you. Please contact us for more information at 242-677-8255 or Thank you.

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