Bahamas Real Estate | MCR Sponsors Fujon Media


Mario Carey Realty is a proud sponsor of Fujon Media and their upcoming projects. Trevor Clark, founder of this video and photography business, went from investigator to falling in love with capturing moments with a camera. He puts it as, “The desire to capture life as it happens.” His business is involved with many events and projects that focus on equal rights, peace, and helping individuals. One project in particular is ‘Get Out,’ which is a docudrama about domestic violence in The Bahamas. Fujon Media hopes to help any body that comes into contact with abuse, whether you were the victim, abuser, or bystander.

The Red Carpet Premier of the film is scheduled for November 2nd 2013. For more information and updates visit this link

Fujon Media’s art exhibition, hosted by the Silus Project (a group of the Bahamas’ top artist headed by Dr. Graham Cates), will be held on October 24th, 2013 at The Ladder Gallery at New Providence Community Center.

Part proceeds from both events will go to The Bahamas Crisis Center.

There will be updates and posts. So please SAVE THE DATE and URL.

For more information visit the above link or call Mario Carey Realty at 242-677-8255 or visit

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