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The Chan Pratt exhibit recently ended at the Central Bank of the Bahamas. Dewitt Chan Pratt (DC), Chan Pratt’s son, and the Pratt family organized a month long showcase in honor of Chan Pratt’s incredible works of art. Mario Carey Realty’s staff members, Colleen Carey and Prince Lewis, met with DC to learn more about his father’s work and honor him in a different way.

Mr. Pratt, born in 1963, passed away 5 years ago at the young age of 44. This incredibly talented individual was a pioneer in Bahamian art. He was a top tier artist, alongside Eddie Minnis and Brent Malone. These men transformed, pushed, and aided the evolution of beautiful, Bahamian sculptures, paintings, drawings, and music.


Abandoned Homes – 1980

Mr. Pratt began painting when he was 16 years old. Although he started off his career in banking, he quit this job and pursued his passion—art. He began painting with watercolors, as you can see in his high school  ‘Abandoned Homes’ 1980 pieces above. Mr. Pratt’s work evolved over time, and changed as he grew older. He started to experiment when he was 18 years old with different styles of painting, which you can see when you compare the ‘Abandoned Homes’ painting to the 1981 ‘Wizard’ painting and (untitled) coconut tree painting below. Towards the end of Mr. Pratt’s 20s, he began experimenting with the pallet knife—a signature artistic feature of his work.


Wizard – 1981


Untitled – 1981


Cambridge Street – 1984

You can see the beginning of this pallet use in the 1984 ‘Cambridge Street’ painting. The trees’ leaves, and flowers are texturized from Mr. Pratt’s use of his pallet knife. He perfected this artistic technique by the 1990s (his 30s), especially with Poinciana and Bougainvillea trees. Look at the difference in the ‘Cambridge Street’ painting to his 1994 ‘Riding Thru’ and 1997 ‘Poinciana’ paintings. The trees’ leaves and flowers within these painting are stunning, vivid, and absolutely divine.


Segment of Riding Thru Painting – 1994


Segment of the Poinciana Painting – 1997

Mr. Pratt’s latest pieces exude artistic maturity, experience, and beauty. Not only did he texturize leaves and brush in is 2000s paintings, he texturized multiple parts of the painting to make it come alive in a 3 Dimensional landscape. This is evident in his 2003 ‘Government House’ painting and 2004 ‘Christ Church’ painting. There were no paintings exceeding the 2004 date within the exhibition.


Government House – 2003


Christ Church – 2004

From 1980 to 2004 Mr. Pratt developed his artistic skills to a level of perfection, professionalism, and grandness. It is an honor to see this individual’s artistic progress and evolution through his numerous paintings. Chan Pratt’s work was showcased in Canada and the United States; president Clinton currently has one of his paintings in the Presidential Library.

Chan Pratt helped develop and grow Bahamian art throughout the islands. Mario Carey Realty honors this artist for his contribution to Nassau’s art sector, and overall society. Good luck to DC and the Pratt family in your future endeavors. For more information, please contact Mario Carey Realty at 242-677-8255 /, or Dewitt Pratt at Thank you.

Gone Before Finished (See his signature pallet knife in front of photo)

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