Bahamas Real Estate | Featured Agent – Raymond Antonio

Raymond Antonio joined Mario Carey Realty in October 2011 as an Appraisal Assistant. Prior to that, he spent thirty years in the financial services industry, specializing in residential mortgage and commercial lending. In October 2012, he successfully passed the Bahamas Real Estate Association’s entry-level course and is a licensed real estate salesman. Raymond is now an Appraisal Apprentice under the tutelage of Mario Carey, in order to become certified as a real estate appraiser. In addition to conducting appraisal inspections, and completing appraisal reports for the firm’s appraisers, Raymond is also responsible for maintaining the firm’s database of property values and sales. He enjoys meeting people and providing quality service.


Raymond Antonio was born in Nassau, Bahamas, but his roots are in Cuba and Long Cay. He is happily married to Theresa (Terry), and they have one daughter, Thea.  She is married to Reuel Vincent and the couple resides in New York.Raymond is a graduate of the College of the Bahamas, where he majored in Banking & Finance. He also holds membership in the Bahamas Real Estate Association and is a Fellow of the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services. A firm believer in giving back to the community, Raymond has been a Kiwanian since 1982, and is a Distinguished President of the Kiwanis Club of Over-The-Hill. His recent project with Kiwanis is the reading program for pre-school and primary students.


Raymond’s life outside of real estate revolves around music, although he does love watching basketball and football. He is an accomplished pianist and organist. He began piano lessons at age six, and has been playing the piano, organ and keyboard for multiple churches and within the community for forty years. Raymond is the Music Director at his church—Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, and an Associate Organist at Christ Church Cathedral.  He is the accompanist for the Seventh-day Adventist Meistersingers, Highgrove Singers, College of The Bahamas Concert Choir, Nassau Renaissance Singers, and Diocesan Chorale. He was also asked to be the pianist for the upcoming production, “The Legend of Sammie Swain,” during the 2013 Shakespeare in Paradise series. The show will run from October 4 – 12 at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts. Raymond teaches piano lessons, and has conducted music workshops for various choirs to help singers improve their ability to read music and their overall quality of singing. He has been the master of ceremonies at a number of wedding receptions and banquets.


What makes Raymond Antonio a unique member of MCR’S Team his is incredulous musical talent, love for giving back to his community, and his background in financial services. These services are particularly residential and commercial mortgage financing, and communicating with persons from all social and economic backgrounds.  He is able to provide information to potential homeowners regarding mortgage financing, construction, insurance and other facets of home ownership.


Raymond always wanted to get into a profession that freed him from the tie-and-coat, sitting-behind-a-desk-all-day routine, while still allowing him to meet people.  Real estate was a natural fit to his banking background. Now, here he is, an Estate Agent, Appraisal Assistant and loved member of the MCR Team! Awesome job Raymond; keep up your great work!

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