Bahamas Real Estate | Featured Agent – Tristan White


Tristan White is one of Mario Carey Realty’s youngest, new agents. He apprenticed with his father, Gregg White (Broker and Developer), starting in June 2011. Since then, he has worked hard to become a licensed real estate agent, and successfully received his license 5 months ago. Tristan started his professional real estate career with Mario Carey Realty working as an agent, as well as a Marketing Assistant/Social Media Specialist. From working with Mario Carey Realty’s Marketing Director, Terrinique Pennerman, Tristan learned exactly what it takes to market luxury properties. He also knows exactly how to market properties on various social media platforms, which is an extremely useful skill to have in this generation. Tristan has experience managing Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and even blogs, giving any client’s listing with Mario Carey Realty maximum exposure.


Tristan was born and raised in Nassau, but his roots are in Long Island, Bahamas. He studied at York University in Canada, while also working with his father on the side. When Tristan is not working, he enjoys making comical YouTube videos. He also enjoyS fashion and can be seen modeling every now and again. Alongside fashion, he gives back to the community by regularly donating his out of season clothes to the Salvation Army.


What makes Tristan unique is that he thinks of creative ways to get his client’s property noticed; he uses social media platforms to target people he thinks would be interested in their property. Most agents put a listing on their website, an ad in the newspaper, and then wait for buyers to call them. Tristan takes your property and exposes it on various platforms, thus reaching a wider, more diverse group of people.


Tristan chose real estate as his profession because it exercises his creative mind, and pays well for the amount of work one does. In his words, “Anyone can sit behind a desk, work as hard as they possibly can, and still get paid a salary that they’re not satisfied with. In real estate, you get paid based on how much time you invest in it. Also, no deal is ever the same, which means you have to constantly be on your toes. It’s a fun lifestyle really.”

Mario Carey Realty congratulates Tristan for his hard work and success in becoming an agent. Keep up the awesome work!

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