Bahamas Real Estate| Mario Carey Realty visits Dubai


Mario Carey- President & CEO of Mario Carey Realty meets with Dubai Investors.

Mario Carey Realty visits Dubai

Mario Carey, CEO and President of Mario Carey Realty, accompanied a group of distinguished Bahamas-based businessmen to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in January. The purpose of the trip was to introduce the BISX-listed Sapphire Venture Fund to wealthy investors and financial institutions in efforts to promote the Bahamas and help its economy. Notably, Mario Carey Realty was named the exclusive brokerage for the fund. Carey told The Tribune that, “It was worth every hour, every penny of it”. He was enthused with the great reception the team received and anticipates the way forward while building relations between the United Arib Emirates (UAE). Also in his interview, the Top Realtor challenged The Bahamas to diversify and create a stronger global presence. He stated, “Most of the people outside the Chambers of Commerce did not know where the Bahamas is. We saw the same thing in China: 99 per cent of the people didn’t know where we were (Referring to his promotional trip to China). They have some of the wealthiest tourists, and don’t know where the Bahamas is.” Overall, the team was well pleased with the ice breaking trip and the 10 savvy businessmen created significant awareness of the Bahamas and investment opportunities available to the wealthy investors.

Pictures of the trip can be seen below.


Mario Carey Realty at Dubai Stock Exchange


Bahamas connects with Dubai: Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry


President & CEO, Mario Carey Realty at the Dubai International Financial Center


Pictured enjoying Dubai (Left to Right): Mario Carey- President & CEO of Mario Carey Realty, Keith Davis- CEO of BISX, Andrew Rolle- Sapphire Venture Fund Administrator and Werner Gruner- Director at Andbank.


Mario Carey enjoys Dubai’s silk factory.

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