Bahamas Real Estate | Chinese Ambassador Meets Baha Mar Executives


Tom Dunlap, President of Baha Mar (far left) and Sarkis Izmirlian, Baha Mar’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, speak with His Excellency Yuan Guisen, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. (Photo by The Tribune)

Recently, the Chinese Ambassador to The Bahamas met with top executives from Baha Mar. According to The Tribune, Baha Mar’s Chairman and CEO, Sarkis Izmirlian, President, Tom Dunlap, and Senior Vice-President of Administration and External Affairs, Robert Sands, met with the Ambassador Yuan Guisen to discuss the topic of airlifting from mainland China, outreach to potential visitors, and raising awareness among travel agents and consumers of the ease of travel between the two countries.

Also in their story, The Tribune reported that these conversations followed the announcement last December concerning a Bahamian-China visa accord, which allows mutual 30-day access to Bahamian and Chinese passport holders without requiring a visa. Notably, in a recent MCR blog, President and CEO of Mario Carey Realty, Mario Carey mentioned that, “We want to attract buyers from the Asia Pacific region and we believe the easing of visa restrictions will go a long way in helping us make that a reality”. With all of the excitement around Baha Mar’s December 8, 2014 opening date, Mario Carey Realty has always been front and center with the Mega Resort’s development. Furthermore, MCR continues to make strides as a team player with Baha Mar, being the first agency to sell any of the Mega Resorts units, taking a trip to China to strengthen Sino-Bahamian ties and meeting with the former Chinese Ambassador to discuss ways to strengthen the relationship between the Bahamas and China.

For more on the meeting Click here.

For more about Mario Carey Realty, Click here.

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