Bahamas Real Estate | New Life To Come To Rose Island


Sandy Toes Beach, Rose Island

New Life To Come To Rose Island

In the near future, two separate Rose Island touristic developments could bring new life to the popular small island. Recently, Bahamas Minister of State for Investments, Khaalis Rolle, confirmed that conditional approval was granted by the government for the construction of a boutique resort of “less than 100 rooms” on Rose lsland. Also, on the table and still in the reviewing process of the Minister is the proposal for a second hotel development project on the island. While the value for none of the investments have been released, Minister Rolle mentioned that the process for the second hotel is moving rather quickly”. 

Rose Island is a 230 acre island three miles east of Paradise Island. Although a largely underdeveloped island, it is very popular to weekend boaters that frequent the island. Especially those that take excursions to the beautiful Sandy Toes beach. The mentioned investors that received conditional approval are said to be “environmentally conscious” and are attempting to bring an island style feel to the Rose Island resort. The aim is to give visitors to Nassau an island life experience similar to the out island experience at a location closer to the nations capital. The resort experience will pay tribute to the natural environment that the island is known for, according to a Tribune article. 

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