Bahamas Real Estate | Mario Carey Realty Agent Dives into Full Time Agent Status

Andrew Seymour

Mario Carey Realty Agent Dives into Full Time Agent Status!

After 9 months at Mario Carey Realty as a part time real estate agent, Andrew Seymour recently decided to make his longtime dream a full time reality. In an interview, Seymour stated that becoming a real estate agent was always his dream job. The former security guard at the Aura night Club in Atlantis found it hard to compare the real estate business to any other business he has been exposed to. In his own words, he explains, “It gives me a sense of freedom, it never gets boring, everyday is something new. Also, at the same time, being an agent challenges me to do better and to try to achieve more everyday”. It’s clear that Seymour loves being a real estate agent, particularly at Mario Carey Realty.  Given the training, support and growth opportunities made available to him, Seymour mentions that since the first day that he entered the office at MCR he felt like he was a part of the team.

Moreover, when asked what inspired him to make the transition to become a full time agent, he stated that his early accomplishments as a budding, part time agent strongly motivated him to go full time. The momentum of making notable closures and receiving sustainable commissions, proved his success as a young agent. Given his success, his drive increased and grew strong enough for Seymour to give the real estate business his undivided attention. Although, the transition was and probably is not an easy one, Seymour continues to get use to being a full time agent. Coming from a night job as a security guard at a club, Andrew not only had to get used to working in the daytime, he also had to now set a bedtime so that he can get the most out of his day. According to him, “The switch from being in a nightclub where there is constant loud music and something crazy always going on to being in an environment that is calm and steady paced for the most part took some getting used to”.

Overall, Andrew is very happy with his choice and continues to make strides as an agent at Mario Carey Realty. He enjoys the unpredictable adventure of the business. “One day I could be in a multi-million dollar mansion talking to a millionaire, the next, I could be with somebody looking at nothing but bush and land talking about the best ways to market their property.” With his passion for real estate and desire to help families find their dream home, Mr. Seymour is on a path to becoming all that he can be as a real estate agent.

Link to Andrew’s Listings:

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