Bahamas Real Estate | Happy Thanksgiving 2014


It’s that day again, the one day the great country to the north of us pauses to meet with family and friends, overeat, watch lots of football and give thanks. We in the Bahamas don’t recognize the day as a holiday as the folks in the States do, but we do like to take the opportunity to eat turkey an’ stuffin’ and sneak in a little football! I know that makes some of us happy and thankful! But really what’s it all about…

Life in this multi cultural, high tech era is fast, fun and furious for some; but cold and cruel for the majority. Many people struggle daily to make ends meet, care for their families and just survive. Do we really still have something to be thankful for?

I personally have had a tough year. My husband, the man I’ve spent the last 26 years with, was given the worst news ever. His cancer is back for the third time, metastasized now in the bones, mainly in his back. He lives in constant pain and fear – of the unknown and the future. My mother, who loved nothing more than to get her hair done, eat out, travel – she’s been on the QE2 three times – will never walk again, goes from bed to wheelchair and back; and struggles to remember me, my father, where she is and what day it is. What you may wonder after reading that do I have to be thankful for?

So much! Thankful that they are here with me – that I can hug them, hold on to them and tell them how much I love and appreciate what they’ve given me and how they’ve helped to mold me into the person I am now. Thankful for my three grown children – proud of the young adults they have blossomed into – each pursuing something they are passionate about. Thankful for my talents and how much joy my writing, art, photography and quilting bring to my life. Thankful for my friends, who make me laugh and cry, pray with me and for me. The list goes on…

What then do the other people in my life have to be thankful for I wondered – the folks that I spend most of my waking hours with – my coworkers at MCR.

Antoine Adderley, Broker/Appraiser/Sales Agent was the only Agent in office at the time. Right away he answered with a happy smile, “I’m thankful for my family and my good health.” Antoine is married to the love of his life Anna, and together they have three adorable, angelic sons! Watching Antoine and Anna with Antoine Jr, Adele and Ariel you get a sense of family commitment, respect and love – lots there to be so thankful for!

I was on to something, so I sent out an email, “Hi Agents, Please send me at least two reasons/things you are thankful for.  It is for the Bahamian Rivera Blog. And I will be thankful if you can get back to me asap!”

Then I waited, and waited and finally two hours later, thankfully, I got two replies! Now we’re getting somewhere!

Dana Pinder, Sales Agent & Top Producer at MCR for 2013 replied first. Dana has had a trying year as well, even having to take a leave of absence from work to take care of her family. “I’m thankful that my daughter Jenna has survived Guillan-Barre Syndrome and that my sister has survived cancer. Thankful to be able to spend the holidays with my family.” Family commitment and love – present there again.

Ashley Brown, Sales Agent replied next, “Thankful for my Grandmother who turned 90 this year. She surely is a blessing.” Ashley went on to say how thankful she was that she found yoga which helps her to find balance and peace in all her life’s experiences. There’s that family commitment thing again.

No more emails arrived – so I decided to tackle this question face to face! With pencil and pad I accosted, I mean I kindly asked, “What are you thankful for?”

Nash Thompson, Receptionist, replied, “I have so many things! Family and my friends, health and strength.”

Adrian Wildgoose, Marketing (aka The Department of Awesome) confidently replied, “For life, for my family and good health.

S. Prince Lewis, PA to Mr Carey, said proudly, “My Mom, I’m so thankful she’s in my life.”

Sharon Ferguson, Operations Manager, gratefully replied, “I’m thankful to be alive and healthy.”

Andrew Seymour, Sales Agent robustly said, “For life!” And then teasing added, “I’m thankful for you, Lisa.” Ha, ha and Lisa’s thankful for Andrew and all the cupcakes he brings every time he closes a deal!

Tim Rodland, Broker/Sales Agent thoughtfully replied, “I’m thankful for this time in my life and the success I’m having at the moment.” (As all sales agents know success like life is a fleeting thing.)

Our newest employee, Raymond Dames, admitted that he was thankful for his “dogged determination” and he is, “grateful for the ability to cook”!

Longest serving Sales Agent, Sheldon Pitt, is thankful for his life. As the agent solely responsible for Bimini, his home town, he enjoys “the good life” most people only get to dream about. He’s thankful for the time he gets to spend living the island life with his family and the opportunity of working at MCR in Nassau to support his dual lifestyle.

Enterprising Sales Agent, Tristan White, Whatsapped me with, “I’m thankful for my health and thankful for being able to work with one of the best Brokers in the business to help me live my dream!”

Tina Bain, Property Management/Vacation Rentals Co-ordinator, emailed, “Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes we forget what is important to us and that every day is a day to be thankful for. I am thankful that my family and I are healthy and are able to get up each morning to start another adventure. I am thankful to be able to spend time with my Mum this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for a supportive husband and our little bundle of joy, Lennox.”

Chandra Parker, Sales Agent, also emailed in, “Happy thanksgiving! I am thankful for my parents who are still in great health, enjoying life and being together. Age is truly just a number! Also, very thankful for being a mom! Nothing compares to the love and happiness children bring us.”

Our in house Maestro, Raymond Antonio, Sales Agent/Appraisal Associate, out of office with an injury, Whatsapped, “I’m thankful for life, family and my job – in that order.” And we at MCR are truly thankful for Raymond, he brings wisdom and music into our life. Get well soon, Dude!

Also Whatsapped in his answer was Mario Carey, our Team Captain, “I’m thankful for my children – Abby and Cole, my parents, my health, my team at MCR and the success of REACH”.

So the consensus this Thanksgiving running strong and true throughout the family of MCR is mainly how thankful we all are for our families, and for the lifestyles we’re all grateful we are able to live in today’s uncertain world. Times are hard but with love, family commitment and the drive to succeed, we all have so much to be thankful for!

With a heart full of thanks – to God & my family, both at home and MCR,

Gratefully, Lisa Millette Carroll

Enjoy –

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