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The Brother Sister Campaign

In the midst of the mass amounts of new organizations being born around the world everyday, the need for people to aid and focus on the development of children never seems to fade. That need, more times than most, increases daily. The Brother Sister Campaign is one of those organizations that are adamant about making a difference particularly in the lives of less fortunate children through acts of service and more importantly, building relationships with these children. “Promoting growth and hope in the lives of children” is the motto of this young group and they are a non profit organization with a great cause. Furthermore, they plan to serve to inspire and empower other young adults of their community to serve the less fortunate as well. Partnering with institutions that house less fortunate children to further impact their lives a big brother / big sisters program is the vehicle that will take this organization to their goal. This blog is mainly to highlight the organization and introduce the much needed initiative to our readers. Pictures can be seen below of the young group of leaders in action.

Follow them on social media or donate to the cause using the links below:
Gofundme/ donation link:

image7 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2

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