Bahamas Real Estate | Mario A. Carey to be the Special Guest on Blueprint Radio Show on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9 FM

Guardian Radio
In the next Blueprint Radio Show, which will be aired on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9 FM, on Monday 12th January 2015, at 6:30 pm, we will feature Special Guest, Real Estate Professional and CEO & President of Mario Carey Realty, Mario A. Carey. Please tune in to listen to Mr. Carey talk about his career and how his profession impacts the Built Environment in The Bahamas. Mr. Carey also shares his views on the future development of the country, especially Downtown Nassau.
Blueprint is available on radio, live streaming on, on cable channel 969, and on the internet at TuneIn Radio 96.9 FM. 

Bahamas Real Estate | Bahamas Implements VAT

VAT Poster

NASSAU – Value Added Tax “VAT” has been implement in the Bahamas.

As of January 1st, 2015, The Bahamas has taken on the new Value Added Tax System. Businesses around the country would now have to incorporate a VAT tax of 7.5% with breathing room until February 28, to be in good standing with the new VAT rules and regulations. Although locals expressed their disapproval of VAT and the possible extended impact that it will have on members of the lower class of the country, the reality is that it has now happened and Bahamians will have to now adjust to join many other countries around the world and get used to a tax paying system.

The tax was approved by the House of Assembly in August of 2014, after long periods of heated debate. The enforcement of the VAT system is accompanied by the removal of several excise duties on goods and products, and the drop of the previous tax on hotel accommodation, with the cumulative changes expected to make tax compliance easier, while, at the same time, making tax evasion harder. The VAT rate of 7.5 percent will only be applied to businesses with annual profits exceeding BSD 100 000, and, so far, approximately 5 000 businesses have registered for the tax.

There is still a cloud of doubt that VAT is the best idea for the country and moving forward in 2015, this will be the topic for debate for many discussions to come.

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Bahamas Real Estate | The Brother Sister Campaign


The Brother Sister Campaign

In the midst of the mass amounts of new organizations being born around the world everyday, the need for people to aid and focus on the development of children never seems to fade. That need, more times than most, increases daily. The Brother Sister Campaign is one of those organizations that are adamant about making a difference particularly in the lives of less fortunate children through acts of service and more importantly, building relationships with these children. “Promoting growth and hope in the lives of children” is the motto of this young group and they are a non profit organization with a great cause. Furthermore, they plan to serve to inspire and empower other young adults of their community to serve the less fortunate as well. Partnering with institutions that house less fortunate children to further impact their lives a big brother / big sisters program is the vehicle that will take this organization to their goal. This blog is mainly to highlight the organization and introduce the much needed initiative to our readers. Pictures can be seen below of the young group of leaders in action.

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Bahamas Real Estate | Reach Bahamas Celebrates 15 Years



Tribune Features Writer

AS REACH Bahamas continues to commemorate its 15th year of raising awareness of autism in the country, the organisation has renewed its focus and will take an even more active approach in educating Bahamians about the neuro developmental disorder going forward.

The strides the organisation has made over the last 15 years to increase awareness and treatment options available to Bahamian families affected by autism and other related challenges were celebrated during “A Night Under The Stars” event held last week at Government House.

Speakers at the event included Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling, Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin, REACH chairman Dwayne Gibson, REACH founding president Decosta Bethel, and Mario Carey, the organisation’s current president. Mr Carey said as the new year rolls in the organisation intends to keep up with the work it has been doing throughout 2014.

“What we know is that one in every 68 children born today will be diagnosed with autism, and we know that boys are four more times likely to be diagnosed than girls. We know that in the US autism costs the government billions of dollars a year. We do not know what our numbers here in the Bahamas are, but we know that there is an estimate of 10,000 to 15,000 people in the Bahamas living with autism. We know that it is the fastest growing condition among children, combining diabetes, cancer or AIDS. So we have to increase the awareness, get the information out there. We need to have a better understanding; we need to take the shame factor out of it. We need more support groups,” he said. Mr Carey said the organisation is very active and is trying to expand to the Family Islands.

“We finally got the Disability Act passed. The (persons with disabilities) in this country were heavily discriminated against and they had no access to jobs, transportation, housing, and these were some of the things we were fighting for because we know we have to protect the rights of our children, of the future generations to come. The condition of autism is never going away. We have to be ready as a country and we will keep awareness going, keep advocating and keep trying to help those that need it,” he said.

This Saturday, REACH will host an educational workshop at Queen’s College beginning at 10am. Teachers, caregivers and parents will receive information on the disorder and how to deal with autistic children. REACH is the Bahamas’ resource and educational source for autism and other related challenges. It is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide parents with comprehensive knowledge and tools in all areas of this neurobiological disorder. The organisation has a wide variety of social activities throughout the year to make the public more socially aware of autism within the islands.

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Bahamas Real Estate | REACH Christmas Hamper Raffle Winner form The Heritiage Village at Graycliff Christmas Festival 2014


CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Ms. Courtney John-Palacious, Queens College student, was the winner of the REACH Christmas Hamper raffled at The Heritiage Village at Graycliff Christmas Festival on Saturday, 29 November. (L-R Raymond Dames, MCR , Courtney John-Palacious, Queen’s College, Mario Carey, REACH President.)

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